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The Takeaway

Digital Products are launched and improved every day. In a changing landscape, there is no value in keeping secrets.

Real agility means learning, finding solutions, sharing and moving on to the next challenge. We write about our projects as they happen so you can see agility in action.

Articles and Whitepapers

Driving value ($) from Conversational AI

Driving value ($) from Conversational AI

Conversational AI is the only truly scalable way to provide the near-instant service customers expect.

We share our eight-step methodology for planning and deploying conversational AI programs that drive measurable value.

Earning Analytics: An NLP Case Study

Earning Analytics: An NLP Case Study

Every quarter, several thousand major companies report earnings. But when the average earnings call is 54 minutes long, this massive volume of highly valuable data is difficult to analyse.

We walk you through our process for leveraging NLP modelling to tap into this data and find insight at scale.

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