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AI & NLP Innovation

Digital^Shift innovates with AI and NLP for one of Canada’s largest pension investment funds.


The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) is one of Canada’s largest pension funds with close to $100 billion in assets.

OMERS’ global investments division wanted to augment expert analyst work with digital labour in the capital markets team.

Every quarter, a universe of several thousand companies report on earnings. The average earnings call is 54 minutes long, resulting in a huge volume of data that is highly valuable but difficult to analyze at the same time. In fact, the average read rate of available earnings transcripts is less than 5%.

We showed our capital markets expert colleagues a new way forward. Using NLP modelling, our expert analysts now have a digital assistant to help them comb through earnings data much more efficiently and with greater insight than ever:

  • Mentions in earnings calls - automatically parse millions of utterances in over tens of thousands of transcripts in seconds. The expert analyst keys in a topic such as "coronavirus" and instantly sees how this keyword trended over time by sector and by individual company. Which companies' executives emphasized (or de-emphasized) the topic? What did they see as threats or opportunities?

  • Transcript topic coverage - Instantly zoom into a specific exchange out of millions of executive-analyst conversations. Our tool enabled the expert analyst to effortlessly drill down into a transcript without knowing where and when a particular topic was discussed, allowing the analyst to discover how important a topic was in the minds of executives and analysts alike - and more importantly - why?

  • Sentiment analysis - analyze the relative sentiment of management vs. analysts overtime, and by topic coverage. Using sentiment analysis the expert analyst is able to parse the transcript by sentiment and instantly see how different topics evoked different emotions over time and under what circumstances. This powerful tool gives the expert a whole new dimension of perspective and insight.

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