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Government of Ontario

Single Window for Business

Digital^Shift creates a prototype retrieval engine to reduce the barriers business users encounter when interacting with the Ontario government.


Ontario business owners face a fragmented experience while navigating a complex landscape of government programs. With about 200 business-facing ministry programs within the Ontario Public Service and approximately 6,000 relevant business pages on, finding information online is a difficult and convoluted experience.

Ontario’s Single Window aimed to create a unified online experience that makes it easy for business owners to access the provincial information and services they need to get started, hire, and grow. The first phase of the initiative focused on Information and Navigation. Digital^Shift was one of four companies selected to develop a prototype of an online solution to make it easier for businesses to:

  • Access relevant provincial business information;

  • Navigate Ontario government regulations; and

  • Provide integrated information based on user needs.

We created an integrated solution that produces value through a suite of interface, information, and insights offerings:

  1. Interface – A Conversational AI Platform

  2. Information – Document Curation & Knowledgebase

  3. Insights – AI Advisor Insights & CX Analytics

There are five core features to our solution:

  • First and foremost, it is a ‘digital concierge’ that naturally chats with the user, finds the most relevant resources, and creates a Business Advisor Report in real-time.

  • Second, it is a document curation engine that uses AI to automatically generate new metadata such as topic models and abstracted summaries. New documents are processed and made available to users without requiring manual input into content management systems.

  • Third, it provides users with 24/7, near-instant access to a dynamic knowledge base, leveraging NLP to find the perfect resource for the user’s needs.

  • Fourth, applying NLP to chat transcripts through topic modelling, sentiment analysis, and trend analysis generates insights into emerging policy and program needs.

  • Finally, our operator back-end is pre-built with 44 operational KPIs that tell you everything you need to know for continuous improvement.

In summary, our prototype delivers:

  • Fast, friendly, and relevant information for business users;

  • A superior customer experience; and

  • Real-time ‘market’ insights into emerging policy and program needs.

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