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We Make Digital Work for You

Proven Experts in Meaningful Business Innovation

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Our Services

What We Deliver

Identify and realize opportunities to gain insight, improve productivity, and drive measurable growth.

AI-Assisted RFx Bid Management

Cut RFx response costs with AI-assisted proposal services.

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Smartbot-powered Digital Transformation

Deliver responsive customer experiences at any scale.

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Innovation Strategy & Roadmaps

Create excitement with a plan to pursue new sources of growth.

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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Produce actionable insights by deriving intelligence from data.

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AI/ML Driven Automation

Exploit AI solutions to drive major productivity gains.

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Concept Feasibility Analysis

Give life to new ideas with POCs, MVPs, and prototypes.

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Innovation in Practice | AI Enabled Bidding

Better Bid Management

Small firms deliver solutions with impressive agility, thoughtful client care, and disruptive innovations.

What they don't deliver is high bidding win rates.

Big firms put 50% more time into every bid and consistently report 10% better win rates. They’re dedicating whole teams to managing their bids, while small shops ask their people to fit bidding between billing.

We can do it better. By deploying powerful AI-driven bid management tools and backing them up with decades of experience winning bids, we provide the impact of a dedicated bid management team at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to Digital Shift, Korah significantly improved our revenue base through shorter pursuit cycles, higher quality proposals, and a larger revenue funnel.

Digital Shift's blend of customer care and AI-enabled bid platform has enabled Korah to more than double our revenue base in less than 12 months. 

Kudos to the team!

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Transformative technologies are everywhere. Figuring out what you need can be a trial. We work with you to make digital work for you.

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